Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Distress signals-Part 3

Fire: Smoke-Flame
A group of three (3) lights spaced apart by 30 meters and placed in a triangle is an international signal of distress. You fire up your tripod on a 2 meter high that you will do a basic log green forty centimeters of soil. Your stake will be mounted on the platform and everything is covered with evergreen boughs to protect from the elements. As soon as you hear the engine noise of a plane you light your fire, if it is daylight you leave the tree on top of the smoke will attract attention. If one is at night you remove the tree for the flame to do the same work. Written messages You have used the system when you have to leave to try to find yourself your way. You write the date, the time when you left, you will follow the direction that the number of people with you and their physical condition. If we were to find your campsite before you would know in which direction the research conducted. Also you score your track with the track marks that facilitate research. Take care to place your message in a container or place to weatherproof.

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